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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tuesday, January 26th

I forgot to mention that I found out a little bit of my schedule on Monday. They gave me Traditions (my first official day of work as a Disney employee) on Day 3 (Wednesday) at 12:45pm. They also gave me a paper telling me that my "Discovery Day" in EPCOT would be Thursday at 8am.

Which means, I have Tuesday off!

I finished unpacking (for the most part) and Mike and I went grocery shopping. Then later that night, Mike and I had planned to go to UNO (we both got a coupon via email) but we decided to hang out with our own roommates instead. They had invited him to karaoke somewhere and I didn't want him to miss out on the bonding, plus my roommates were all going to Downtown Disney.

So, we went to Downtown Disney and ate at Earl of Sandwich (I had a meatballs! sandwich which was very good). We also walked around the various Disney stores including World of Disney (the largest Disney store in the world, and where my roommate Sarah will be working) and Once Upon a Toy. We realized how much trouble we are going to be in on Wednesday when we receive our ID badges that grant us access to employee discounts throughout the resort! Up until Feb 11th, the normal discount of 20% is increased to 50%!!!!!!!! Can't wait to shop!

We were walking to the car when we ran into... Mike! And all of his roommates! So we chatted for a bit (my roommates love his roommates, it's funny). It was getting pretty late and I had to do some work for my online classes (that began Monday), so I tried rounding up everyone who was in the car I came in (my roommate, Kim's car) and she realized that despited the fact that she wanted to stay out, she had the 6:45am Traditions class the next morning. Jenna graciously volunteered to go back with us as well.

So we got back and I did some work and went to bed!

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