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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Less Than 3 Weeks!

Hi everyone! Less than 3 weeks to go ( I leave for Florida in 2 weeks from Saturday!!!)

I met my future roommate Kim on Tuesday at Mohegan Sun and she is SO nice! I am so happy, I think we will be a good fit :-) Mike never contacted anyone about roommates so hopefully he doesn't get stuck with a jerk or someone who wants to party all the time because he will be taking 2 online classes and trying to pick up as many extra shifts as possible so we can stay afloat :-/

We are both SO excited and we are starting to pack (just stuff we won't need like summer clothes. Although based on current forecasts for Florida, it seems like there won't be much of a temperature difference at all down there!) We have been working on cleaning my room (it's getting out of control just because I had to combine everything in my dorm room with everything in my regular room. We have given ourselves a deadline of Sunday to have my room completed and then we will start working on Mike's room (which is much worse I must say lol).

In other news, we had originally planned on both just taking my car (2006 VW New Beetle Convertible) but judging by what we plan on bringing... not sure if it's going to be enough. I didn't want to take Mike's car because 1) It's a 93 Ford Tempo so who knows how many more miles it has left in it and 2) I don't know if I can drive 15 hours straight without falling asleep. Obviously it's safety first and we are still going to try to bring only my car, but we shall see.

One last thing I want to mention- 27 degrees today in Vero Beach!!!! OMG it's ridiculous. If people still don't believe in global warming, there is something wrong with them.

Hasta Luego

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