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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Monday, January 25th

Check-in day!!!

So, Kim and I planned to meet at the Vista Way entrance (the check-in location) at 7am, despite the fact that they claimed they wouldn't open until 9am. Mike and I got there, thanks to TomTom, and we were the 3rd car there! We spoke with the guard and he told us the earliest they would let us in would be 8:30. So, we parked across the street and the other cars left. Kim pulled up a few minutes later and she spoke with the guards as well who told her that we could come back over at 8am! Why did they give us false information?? Whatev. So we waited and as 7:45-7:50 rolled around, people were pouring into this parking lot and they soon formed a line blocking us in!! (Even though we were the first people there!!!) Kim's dad cut some of the off and let us go, so we finally made it to checkin.

We ran in line (after making sure we had our on-boarding paperwork and license, proof of insurance, etc.) and we still had a wait (despite the fact that we were there first). There was a DJ there and he was asking Disney trivia questions and I got one right so I won a Disney College Program keychain! We waited and waited and presented all of the necessary documents and finally it was time for housing.

I went up to the counter and the cast member asked where Kim and I preferred to live and I told her Chatham Square. She said is a 4 bedroom OK? I said yes! (That was what we wanted). So, I proceeded forward to pick up my key and find out how much rent is and found out that Mike got Chatham too!!! Yay!!! AND on top of that,


This complex is huge, there are at least 30 buildings that people can be placed in and Mike and I just so happened to be placed in the same one! So convenient, it's like fate. :-)

So, after doing those things Mike and I took the bus to casting and received SEVERAL more pieces of paper that we are required to not lose during the process and we get fingerprinted and all of these other things. I found out that I am doing Attractions in EPCOT (lol I already knew) and Mike found out... nothing. He is a "transportation greeter" which means... I don't know?

So, later that day we were scheduled for a housing meeting and it was a little boring (and we found out that we are not allowed to have light sabers in the apartment complex because they are considered toy weapons).

After an exhausting day, Mike had dinner with all 7 of his roommates and I had dinner with all 7 of my roommates (we cooked it ourselves!).

My roommates are fabulous so far and I think things will work out nicely :-)

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