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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

3.5 days until I leave!!!

Hi everyone! I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a while, but I have been SO busy (in a good way). I have been to a total of 3 bridal expos in the past 10 days lol and life has been crazy. I'm basically completely booked solid until... June-ish? lol

I'm so exicted to be leaving so soon. Come this Saturday at 3am, Mike and I will be on the road to Disney!!! We will be staying at Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort on Saturday night, then staying at Disney's Old Key West Resort on Sunday, then checking in bright and early Monday morning!!! It's sooo great that other people have checked in first; I love reading their blogs and planning my attack lol. Basically, I plan to be there at 7am on check-in day *Hopefully that will be early enough to ensure that Mike and I will both be in Chatham!!*

My trunk is packed and my car's oil is changed and it is ready to go! I just contacted my auto insurance agent about needing proof of insurance in my name, so that is under control. I just need to make sure my registration is in the car and that I don't forget anything stupid (license, passport? lol)

We are pretty much done packing (sort of). We know everything we are bringing (for the most part) and we will prob begin packing the car tomorrow (hopefully it doesn't snow like it is supposed to). We are def. bringing my car only, so anything that won't fit will have to be shipped which may suck depending on how much that is... (hopefully nothing?) Most of the clothes are packed, but there are still some things that we wear now that we would like to bring with us...

My going away/ engagement party is Thursday night!!! I can't wait, I think there is going to be a pretty good turnout! Mike and I have had a lot of fun registering (ettiquette doesn't require that you bring a gift to an engagement party, but people might so we wanted to be prepared!) and doing other wedding things. Friday (my only day off this week) I am getting my haircut and Mike and I are looking at two possible reception sites for our wedding!!

So so busy! Can't wait to give you more details when I have them!


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