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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Discovery Day at EPCOT!

So, this morning was my second day as an employee with the Walt Disney Company. It was pretty good except for the fact that I had to be in Disney Look and had to use the second pair of tights that I bought (which were black and only matched one outfit that I did not want to wear) because the other pair had a giant run. I changed my outfit about 10 times and finally found something that looked OK, but the heels were definitely going to be a problem. But I had no other shoes that would be within the Disney Look, so I had no choice. This was a painful day. I learned SO many amazing things about EPCOT, things that I didn't know, things straight from Walt himself. He had a very different vision for EPCOT that unfortunately has never and probably will never come to be.

We toured the park most of the day and had some amazing surprises. We even met the VP of EPCOT! I was originally scheduled to leave at 12, but my trainer came to get me (and my fellow Attractions West crew) and kept me for another hour to get my costume and work schedule.

I found out that I am working at the single most popular ride in all of Walt Disney World Resort. Do you want to know?


My costume is not bad, I look like a flight attendant!

(That picture will have to come some other time because I don't feel like putting it on right now).

Talk to you soon!


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