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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Sorry, I didn't mean to be so dramatic, but that post was getting pretty darn long. Anyway, I forgot to mention several things. I was wearing heels the entire 5 hour period of walking around Disney World and my feet were KILLING ME.

So, Claudia and I decided to go home and change out of our "Disney Casual" wear (The Disney Look is a very strict dress code that basically ruled out all of my clothing except for 2 skirts, a suit jacket, and 1 pair of heels) and we would then go see the fireworks. Well, we ended up getting out at like 7, which was SO MUCH LATER than everyone else! What did our group do wrong? lol anyway, so with that change of plans, we realized that EPCOT had Illuminations at 9pm (Wishes Fireworks at Magic Kingdom were at 8pm) and decided to go for that. We got on the bus to go back home and they took us to the wrong place. SO, we had to wait for ANOTHER bus once we got to the wrong apartment complex to get to our correct apartment complex. This took forever. We changed and I Mike drove me, Claudia and Liza to EPCOT to see Illuminations, Reflections of Earth over the lagoon. His roommates went as well (in separate cars) and my other roommates met us there after leaving Magic Kingdom's Wishes fireworks display. The show was beautiful and we enjoyed getting into the park for FREE for the first time!

It was a great day.

I went home with Mike and I tried to do homework (while Mike was playing video games with my roommates), but I fell asleep.

I must say, Mike really seems to be enjoying himself out here. I feel like he is finally having his chance to be a college kid. He has never had the experience of living away from home, amongst peers, and I think he is adapting well. It's funny, despite the fact that we were SO desperate to get into the same complex so we could stay together overnight once in a while, we have not been together much at all. He has been staying in his apartment, and I have been staying in mine.

We are really enjoying ourselves!

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