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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More on the Audition and PI stuff

So, I made a phone call today to the Disney Job Line and they told me that I am STILL BEING CONSIDERED FOR THE PROFESSIONAL INTERNSHIPS I APPLIED FOR!!! I can't believe it. But at the same time, I feel like they don't actually know. Shouldn't I have heard by now? When I applied for PIs for this past summer, no one ever got back to me. I just never received an email rejecting me at all (and I was never offered a position either).

Honestly, it's just one less decision to make :-)

In terms of audition news, there is none. Brenna wrote on the DIS boards that she thinks those who have not heard about their status are in the character pool. I am NOT keeping my hopes up and I plan to audition when I am down there just the same. So, I have emailed Ms. Marciari several times now with no response from her. Once I received an automatically generated response because she was on Vaca. and another time I got nothing at all. So, I just sent this:

Ms. Marciari:

Hello, my name is Tabitha McLellan and I auditioned for a position in entertainment for the Spring 2010 season in the Disney College Program. I am contacting you because I was told that I would receive an email telling me one way or the other within 2-3 weeks of auditioning and have yet to receive one (over 5 weeks later). I was wondering if there is still any possibility that I will be offered a Character Performer Role, or if everyone has already been offered a role who passed the audition, or if perhaps I am in some sort of character pool with a pending status until further notice?

Any information is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

Tabitha McLellan

I hope she responds to this. I have heard that other people have gotten answers this way. I mean, I basically know that it's a "no" but I can't help but wonder why I haven't received a rejection email yet? If only they knew how badly I wanted this.

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