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Friday, December 25, 2009

Disney World

I'm in Disney!!! It is day 3 of my family's Disney World vacation, and we are having a great time. I have been noticing several people doing the CP here and have done a little bit of chatting with them... Mike also tried to speak with someone who works on the Monorail to see what he would be doing for the CP (Transportation) and they said that he would be helping people on/off the monorail and eventually he may be trained to drive!! So jeal.

Anyway, I discovered a ride that I would love to operate: Studio Backlot Tour. I never thought of it before, but we went on it yesterday and it was so much fun! So, I don't think I will be calling for any more requests, seeing as it is so close, but I'm sure I will have fun with anything I do.

Oh, I also had breakfast with Belle this morning at 1900 Park Fare in the Grand Floridian Resort and we are twins! lol I don't know what casting was thinking when they didn't hire me for a character, more specifically, Belle from Beauty and the Beast. :-P I don't really think I looked that much like her, but she certainly looked the part, it was great. She may have been a little more thin than I am but I could just be being critical of myself. Whatev.


  1. Lucky! I was watching what the holidays at Disney are like on TV and I so wanted to be there. What's your role at Disney?

  2. My role is attractions :-)

    Disney is so beautiful at Christmastime