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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Attraction Request

So, I called Disney again yesterday to request a specific attraction. At first I wated to only ask for Jungle Cruise or The Great Movie Ride because those are the most guest interactive and challenging because you have to memorize a long spiel. But then I realized that since Mike is doing transportation, he may be working on the monorails until really late. (The monorails run up to 2 hours after the last park closes- and Magic Kingdom can be open till 2am with extra magic hours!) So, I would want our schedules to coincide at least a little bit (either both working mornings or both working nights or something), meaning that I should prob work at the Magic Kingdom at an attraction that is open late for extra magic hours. In addition, since I will no longer have my RA income, I will really need to be able to pick up extra shifts (Disney only guarantees something like 32 hours of work per week) to make sure ends meet. BUT, I am taking 12 CREDITS of online classes at URI while on the program. Needless to say, I am going to be extremely busy. Fortunately, Mike doesn't need to keep concurrent full time status to keep his financial aid (but I do, which is why I have to take so many classes) so he will be able to pick up extra shifts to make more money for us. He will, however, still be taking 2 online courses (he needs them to graduate on time).

So anyway, I decided to request either the Great Movie Ride at Hollywood Studios or anything in the Magic Kingdom (even though I really want Jungle Cruise). By the way, none of these requests are guaranteed, if there is more need in the Animal Kingdom, I may end up there- who knows! Anywhere I end up, I know I will have an AMAZING time!

I think that on my family Christmas vacation to Disney World (in less than 2 weeks!!!), I will ask cast members at different attractions who may look college aged if they are in the WDWCP and what they get for hours, etc. Maybe I will end up calling the recruiting office back to completely change my preferences!

So, that is all for now. Sorry my posts are so long!



  1. College Program kids have their universities on their name tags as opposed to their hometowns, so they'll be easy to spot up close :)

    Good luck!!