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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Disney Fairytale Weddings

Hi everyone! I just wanted to give an update (since I haven't in so long!- sorry about that):

Mike and I have decided to get married in Florida and have a Disney Fairytale Wedding! We will be getting married in the Wedding Pavillion and are SO excited!

We will be moving to Florida after we graduate in May!

Anyone who is in the process of applying, interviewing, or auditioning for the College Program or Professional Internships, please let me know if I can help! I would love to answer any questions or give any advice :-)



  1. Congratulations on your Disney wedding! That must be a dream come true! :)

    I do have a question or two about some of the Disney Programs :)I'm really interested in doing one of the programs at some point, and I really want to be involved in the art portion of it. Could you possibly point me to any blogs or similar journals written by people in the art programs? Or maybe just people involved in the Disneyland programs? I've been reading a few blogs on here that I've found very helpful and encouraging (yours included!) but I'd also like to read some specifically art centered. Thanks so much, and keep up the great blogging!

  2. congrats!!

    i have been accepted, im from argentina, and ill be working for the mouse. my arrival date is dec 04. i really CANT WAIT to be there!!

  3. Amy- Sorry it took me so long to respond! To be honest, I don't know anyone who has been involved in an art program while working at Disney. I do have a friend who works at Disneyland but he works in attractions.

    Emilii- Thank you! Good luck on your program! I hope you are having as great of a time as I did!