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Monday, April 26, 2010

Disney's Ultimate EnginEARing Exploration

Hey everyone! Saturday I participated in Dinsey's Ultimate EnginEARing Exploration and my team won!!! I was the IE of the team and the judge said that the IE section was perfect! Yay!! Today was my second to last class of the PDS Engineering Class and the person who interviewed me for the PI did a presentation about Industrial Engineering. I think I will really enjoy working in Disney's IE department.

Sorry I keep going so long between posts, everything is pretty much same old same old. I have less than 3 weeks left at Soarin'... Oh! Next Friday is Goofy's Musical Mystery Tour and I can't wait! Hopefully my team does well, I have heard the trivia is really hard... Mike's family comes to visit this Friday (the same day as graduation :-( )

Anyone who is reading this and will be doing the program soon (or not) feel free to ask any questions! I would love to help anyone who was in my shoes a few months ago.

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  1. I would love to hear about the application process for a PI after being a CP. I was a CP in Fall '09 and am now a campus rep but would LOOOVE a PI somewhere in the Engineering department at WDW. I am a ME major now but I'm not exactly at the 3.0 GPA and I'm nervous to apply. I did do the engineering PDS and the DUEE while I was there, too! If you have any comments about it, I'd love to hear about it!