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Monday, March 8, 2010

Princess 1/2 Marathon

So, I decided to pick up a shift so I could get some OT and that shift just so happened to be the Princess Half Marathon on Sunday. Guess what time I had to be at work...


I picked up a shift from 4am to 11am but got an ER at 10am so that was nice. I then went to work at Soarin' at 3:45pm to 9:45pm. What a looooooong day. It worked out though because that means 4 hours of OT for me :-) If only all places gave OT for shifts over 8 hours, I'd be rich! :-P

I have a midterm paper to write for Women's Studies and a quiz to take for computer science so that's all for now!

See you real soon!

PS I have my second Engineering class today and it was great! We learned about the Fantasyland expansion in MK and I networked with another person in Industrial Engineering!


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