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Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Phone Interview

Hello, I am back (within only a few short minutes! lol) to tell you about the wonderful phone interview that I had.

I would like to start off by reminding you that I had already applied once for the WDWCP last spring. I got into the program then (Merchandise) as well, so I will tell you about that phone interview first so that you will know how unprepared I was! lol

I was a commuter last year and the only time I had available to take a phone call was in between classes last year, which totally stressed me out because they highly recommend that you use a home phone for your interview. But I had no choice at that point than to use my cell and hope for the best. Fortunately, I found a place with decent reception. I sat and waited in classroom by myself, sweating, getting extremely nervous with my pen and paper ready to take notes. Finally, a phone call! They asked me a few things that I did not expect. The first thing was my top three choices. I knew that I wanted to be a Character so I went on this spiel about how ever since I saw Beauty and the Beast the live stage show in MGM Studios that I knew I wanted to do that. She then told me that I would not be able to sing or perform in a show, that might be something I could look into with full-time employment. People who are Character performers do meet and greets and sign autographs. She asked if I would be willing to wear hot heavy costumes in 100+ degree whether and I was scared. I wanted to be a princess! Why was she asking these things? I said yes, though, hoping it would help. I knew that I would have to audition and I told her that I would prefer Rochester since it was the closest to my house (still 6.5 hours away!). I told her my next choice would be Bibbity Bobbity Boutique Hostess where she asked me some questions about what I would do if there was a huge line of screaming girls all wanting to get their hair and nails done. I had no idea how to respond and I told her that I had never been there, so I really didn't know what to do. Should I sing a song with them? lol, that was a fail. I told her my third choice was PhotoPass Photographer. She asked what kind of experience I had with cameras and I told her that I own my own camera and take pictures of people and places all the time. Nothing really seemed to impress this interviewer. She then told me that they take a lot of people for Merchandise and asked if I would be interested in that. I said yes and she asked me what I would do if a customer wanted a certain item and we didn't have it in the store. I told her that although I was unfamiliar with their system, if it was possible, I would search the inventory of other stores throughout the parks to see if the item was available there and if they were staying on property, I would have it shipped to their hotel. If it was not available anywhere on site, I would direct her to the website where she could purchase it. I think she liked this answer because I was offered a merchandise position months later after I decided not to attend the character audition.

Now I will tell you about my confident interview this time around:

So, my interviewer Tiffany called only a couple minutes after they said she would. I picked up and she told me who she was and everything. I was all ready with my top three choices and of course she didn't ask! She said that based on my work history we will focus on Quick Service Food and Beverage and we will focus on Attractions because I am an engineering major. She asked if there was anything else I was interested in. I said that I was interested in Character Performer and she said that they are doing things a little differently this year, you have to be INVITED to audition!!! She said they are reserving auditions spots for mainly theatre and performance majors and people with theatre experience. Fortunately, I actually have theatre experience. I told her that I was president of my high school drama club and I have performed in several shows. I also directed and produced my own cabaret during my senior year where I was the Master of Ceremonies and I performed as Belle in scenes for Beauty and the Beast! Thankfully that was enough to get an invite to audition. So, she also asked me how I would use teamwork to accomplish things in a F&B setting and I told her that you really can't do anything without teamwork in a restaurant. If the person taking orders does not communicate them to the cooks, the food will not go out, etc. She also asked how I would feel about memorizing and delivering long announcements for an attraction and opporating complicated ride systems. I said that I would welcome the opportunity. So, a couple weeks later, I received and invitation for QSFB.

The End. :-)

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